Word and Power: True Balance in Church Life

Written by Neil Silverberg

April 4, 2019

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  1. Jonathan Hudson

    Pastor Neil,
    This, I believe, is exactly what I find at CLF in Cape Coral.
    At my moment of Salvation, I was blessed to sit under both you and David Comer for about a year until you were called away.
    In the last ten years I have been blessed to be called into the Prison to teach with Kairos Prison Ministry. The knowledge and passion and spiritual maturity that I have gleaned through study and prayer under teachers such as yourself and experiences of moves of the Spirit have given me, I believe, a solid foundation in a powerfully “blended” camp of the evangelical and the charismatic.

    Pastor, I am ending a 40 day fast on Tuesday. At this time of prayer and seeking the Lord’s abundant annointing on my life, my prayers have turned to Israel. This morning, in my spirit, I am being told that only true sons and daughters of Israel will be able to set ablaze the greatest revival the world will ever see. When millions of Jews come to believe that Jesus IS who He says He is.
    I believe I have seen you preaching Jesus as the Messiah in Jerusalem this year. Open air. To he public. And from the Holy Spirit, using your knowledge of the Law and The Prophets, THE FIRES will be lit for the Nation of Israel to see millions turn to Christ.
    I know you an obedient servant, and a blessing to so many, and a mighty man sent of God for such a time as this.
    You are in my continual and fervent prayers.


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