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A Dream Come True

As I write, a dream I held in my heart for over fifteen years is soon to be fully realized. My dream… to write and publish a book which would help believers and church leaders know how to effectively deal with the Hebrew Roots Movement. You might be thinking that is an unusual dream. Perhaps...

An Amazing Prophecy: Daniel’s Seventy Weeks (Part 4)

This post will conclude our study of Daniel’s Seventy Weeks. There is one week not yet discussed. It is our understanding of this final week which will bring an appreciation for the title of this series: An Amazing Prophecy, and far more important, an appreciation for the significance of this...

An Amazing Prophecy: Daniel’s Seventy Weeks (Part 3)

Today’s writing announces the greatest significance of Daniel’s Seventy Weeks Prophecy. We will focus primarily on Messiah’s appearance after the sixty-nine weeks (483 years). This is the most amazing aspect of this prophecy in that it predicted the exact time of Messiah’s appearing.  In part 1...


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