A Comprehensive Study Written About
Jewish Roots and Christian Believers

Rapidly growing worldwide, the Hebrew Roots Movement promises to help believers (especially non-Jewish believers) discover the Hebrew (Jewish) roots of their faith. However, while promising to bring followers to their Jewish roots, they instead bring them into Old Testament law-keeping and rabbinic tradition. This denies the truth of the gospel and its life-giving power to set captives free. The fifth book written by Bible teacher Neil Silverberg, Shadows and Substance, carefully examines this movement in both its theological and practical aspects covering such topics as:

  • Did Emperor Constantine make changes to the Hebrew roots of the faith?
  • What did the Jerusalem Conference establish regarding believers and the Law?
  • Does God expect believers to keep the Sabbath and the Hebrew feasts?
  • What is the difference between reconciliation to Old Testament Hebraic roots of the faith and those of rabbinic Judaism?

The end result is not only a helpful guide to understanding the Hebrew Roots Movement but also a powerful unfolding of the gospel of grace to keep believers free from any form of legalism.

This book was written for three audiences: those already deeply involved in the Movement, those interested in learning about the Jewish roots of their faith, and leaders who are charged with the responsibility of protecting God’s people from error.


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