A Comprehensive Study Written About
Jewish Roots and Christian Believers

Rapidly growing worldwide, the Hebrew Roots Movement promises to help believers (especially non-Jewish believers) discover the Hebrew (Jewish) roots of their faith. However, while promising to bring followers to their Jewish roots, they instead bring them into Old Testament law-keeping and rabbinic tradition. This denies the truth of the gospel and its life-giving power to set captives free. The fifth book written by Bible teacher Neil Silverberg, Shadows and Substance, carefully examines this movement in both its theological and practical aspects covering such topics as:

  • Did Emperor Constantine make changes to the Hebrew roots of the faith?
  • What did the Jerusalem Conference establish regarding believers and the Law?
  • Does God expect believers to keep the Sabbath and the Hebrew feasts?
  • What is the difference between reconciliation to Old Testament Hebraic roots of the faith and those of rabbinic Judaism?

The end result is not only a helpful guide to understanding the Hebrew Roots Movement but also a powerful unfolding of the gospel of grace to keep believers free from any form of legalism.

This book was written for three audiences: those already deeply involved in the Movement, those interested in learning about the Jewish roots of their faith, and leaders who are charged with the responsibility of protecting God’s people from error.


  1. Heather Duncan

    This book has been a joy to read! Not only do you bring a unique perspective of being Jewish yourself, a follower of Y’shua/Jesus, and minister of the grace of God; but you deliver your message with wit and wisdom. Shadows and Substance is not merely a treatise opposing the teachings of HRM, but it comes from the heart of a shepherd who loves the flock of God and seeks to protect it from the wolves who seek to deceive and devour and bring them under a yoke of legalism.

    • Neil Silverberg

      Thanks much Heather

  2. Edward J Rosen

    Neil, This book is excellant and very much needed. I pray that God mightely uses it!

    • Neil Silverberg

      Thanks much Ed. I am praying it gets into the right hands of those who need it most

  3. Debbie Sagraves

    This book is wonderfully written to
    show us how legalism is not a way of
    salvation. Neil uses the Old
    Testament to prove the New
    Testament and ground us in God’s
    truth. He provided the only way
    to Him through his Son and not
    through keeping the law.

    • Neil Silverberg

      Thanks so much Deb for your kind words and your support

  4. Grant King

    I wish this book had been available when I was young.

    I grew up in a church that was heavily focused on Old Covenant law-keeping. One of the things we were taught was that in the 4th century, Emperor Constantine did away with the Sabbath, Holy Days, etc. and paganized Christianity by introducing pagan holidays and calling them ‘Christian.’
    Silverberg’s chapter, ‘Did Constantine Change Everything?’ was particularly impactful as he explained what Constantine actually did and didn’t do.
    As Silverberg goes through the dangers of the Hebrew Roots Movement, he also shows the dangers of legalism in general and brings to light the glorious truths of the gospel.
    While this is a very scholarly book it is written in easy to understand language. This book should be in every Christian’s library!

    • Neil Silverberg

      Thank you so much Grant for your kind words and short of this book. I am praying it gets into the hands of those who need it most

      • neil silverberg

        review not short

  5. Kathy Pittenger

    Wow, what an enlightening book!

    “As a Jew, I not only had the typical ideas about the New Testament but also about who Jesus was.” Neil Silverburg-Shadows and Substance.
    I have studied much scripture and read many books over the decades, in search of truth, that have helped me overcome many misconceptions I inherently held because of false or ignorant teaching, but other books dull in comparison to the clarity this book offers. While the book is primarily written to clear up scriptural misinterpretations claimed by the HMR (Hebrew Roots Movement) it concurrently addresses other misleading notions that have infiltrated the church through legalistic or hyper grace-based teachings. The author brings scripture to light with a rich understanding that anyone seeking the truth about “who Jesus is” and “where our Christian roots came from” can benefit. Every believer (Jew & Gentile) should read this book.

    • Neil Silverberg

      Thanks so much for the clarity of your review and commending my book to others. I especially am thankful for the insight you have regarding the fact that the book brings Scripture to light with a rich understanding that anyone seeking the truth about “who Jesus is” and “where our Christian roots came from” can benefit.

  6. David Lovett

    Neil, looking forward to reading Shadows & Substance. Thanks for all you do for God’s people.



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