The Dissolution of Cultural Christianity

Written by Neil Silverberg

August 10, 2020

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  1. Jan Scherer

    Thank you…good article…I love Schaeffer and remember him saying that. Thanks, Neil!

  2. Scott

    Thank you so much! Very enlightening and gave me a large understanding. Praise God and I am thankful for my salvation in Jesus Christ.

  3. Lisa

    This isn’t going to be easy as you said but worth it all if the current generation of self-raised young people who are hungry for something real… find the real Jesus. I have seen many of them perish from suicide to accidental overdoses. They need a radical movement just to move them. God forgive us for letting it go this far with our silence and political correctness. I am ready for a move of God that transforms us all!

  4. Lisa Thompson

    I’m probably wrong, but this feels like this is just a prologue to a whole LOT more that you have to say… I believe what you’ve written here.


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