Is the Reformation Over?

Written by Neil Silverberg

August 1, 2017

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  1. Meckes James W

    Great article
    The reformation of 1519 continues today. Yes. But the movement did not go far enough!! We returned to the doctrine of justification by faith ?? Yes. But the doctrine of sanctification by the work of the HS in and through us was not brought forward at that time!! Yes
    Behold the lamb of God who comes to take away the sins of the world!! Yes this blessing comes through a HS empowered Repentance and Faith ?? Yes. Let’s not stop at the cleansing work and enter the other blessings of the new covenant!! What is this ??
    John came to Baptist with water but HE (Jesus) comes to Baptist with the Holy Spirit!! Yes and amen!!! So how is the empowering work of the HS to be secured?? Glad you ask!! The same way as we receive the blessings of salvation by Repentance of human effort to live the Christian life and Faith in the HS willingness to live in and through us to do all that God has commanded!! Yes Christ IN us the hope of Glory !! It’s Christ in us!! Col chap 1
    Yes we must surrender to God our Loving Father!! Romans 12:1-2 the grand conclusion of the doctrine of justification by faith!!!! Therefore in view of the mercies of God your loving Father Present your selves as a living sacrifice!!
    You cannot present less you surrender!!! Also the surrender must be in the light of His loving
    Authority. This will be a surrender of “want to” (son) not a surrender of “have to” ( servant). Yes and amen
    God Loves you SO!!!!!!

  2. Gary Buchanan

    Thank God that the Reformation isn’t over! The 5 solas that Luther restored to the church express the gospel and glory of God’s grace clearly and are very edifying! Thanks for this post Neil. May we and the next generation embrace these gospel truths and honor our rich church history as well. Soli Deo Gloria


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