Did I Strike A Chord Or Nerve?

Written by Neil Silverberg

July 24, 2017

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  1. Robert Becker

    I want to clarify my comments:

    I agree with you, Neil. My concern with your use of the word “holy,” which creates problems for me. I would change “holy” to “fruitful.” I think that’s more clear.

    I appreciate your ideas. I agree with you and I know you mean to be helpful, not confusing. That was my only issue.

    Keep on talkin,

    your friend,

    Bob Becker

  2. David Neal Hoglin

    You have to have guts to tackle the subject. This is the dilemma of modern Christianity! Some will be convicted and some condemned.

  3. Scott Wiens

    Thanks for this blog Neil. I was curious if it would strike a nerve. This topic is very important in the Church today because of the harm that decisional evangelism or decisional regeneration is doing to people who are given a version of the gospel that is not biblically based.
    As I read this I thought of a funeral I performed years ago for the husband of a woman that occasionally attended our church. I did not know the man personally as he never attended our church with her and during our discussion about the funeral I asked her about his relationship with the Lord. She had to think about it for a few minutes and then said she seemed to remember him saying something about walking down front at a church service when he was about 12 and ‘getting saved’. His life, however, showed no fruit of a true regenerated believer. As I spoke with this woman she told a story of a man full of pride, controlled by the lusts of the flesh and addictions. Yet, at the end she expressed how she was so glad he was ‘saved’. Now, I am most definitely nobody’s judge and it was my prayer that this man may have come to a saving relationship with Christ towards the end of his life however there was absolutely no evidence of it and his ‘decision’ had given him a false belief that he was saved. It is stories like this one and countless other similar stories that show the danger of decisional evangelism gone wrong.
    I heard Voddie Baucham say one time, ‘If you can’t say AMEN you ought to say OUCH!’ We must not fall into the trap of simply having someone admit they are a sinner and recite a prayer and think they have eternal life. It is contrary to the biblical model and I appreciate you addressing it, regardless of the heat you received.


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