Another View On Pastoral Burnout

Written by Neil Silverberg

May 2, 2017

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  1. Scott Wiens

    This is sound truth that is both biblical and logical. The other positive aspect I have witnessed that also comes from an Elder-led church is the sharing of the pulpit. This avoids the ‘addiction to the pulpit’ syndrome that ensnares so many men because of their pride. Preaching is the most visible part of the pastoral gifting and it has its place in the church but all too often the pastor falls into the trap of placing this part of his ministry above all the other parts and unfortunately the typical church model forces him to do that. Being a part of Trinity where we hear from multiple pastors who each bring their own unique gifting to the pulpit every Sunday has been such a joy.
    Thanks for the foundation you laid down Neil.

  2. Anna Shastid

    Well spoken ! So true! I am very thankful to be in a church where this is working!


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