Healing and Beyond: What I’d like to say to two groups

Written by Neil Silverberg

May 3, 2021

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  1. Scott Wiens

    This is an excellent reminder. I sometimes believe that the focus on healing becomes so intense that we are grieved when someone isn’t healing thinking we didn’t do enough. I have come to the biblical understanding that God is not sitting on his throne waiting for us to “get it right“. I too have seen a simple prayer produce healing and I have seen great quantities of prayer, anointing, fasting, and intercession that has not produced healing. I believe we have to remember that God is sovereign and all his purposes are sovereign over us. That doesn’t mean we’ve become fatalistic. It means we pray with the expectation of healing in scripture commands us to, however, we yield to his sovereign will. You said that so well. Thank you for this blog.


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