The Holy One – Part 1

The Holy One

This series discusses the Holiness of God and how our pursuit first calls us to an upward vision of Him. Holiness then leads to an inward vision to recognize who we are. Finally, holiness leads to an outward vision that empowers us to live holy lives of obedience. We are not governed by rules and regulations but by a relationship with God, the Holy One.

MP3 1: The Upward Vision

This series is about the holiness of God. God first calls us to an upward vision as he reveals his holiness to us.

MP3 2: The Trauma of Holiness

The upward vision of God’s holiness leads us to an inward examination as we recognize our uncleanness before God. In that place, God cleanses us which leads us to an outward vision of obedience to what He desires.

MP3 3: Holiness and Grace

The holiness of God is not a matter of keeping rules and regulations and is not an opportunity to reduce its standard. Rather, holiness is imparted to us and empowers us to live holy lives.