A God Worth Knowing – Part 5

A God Worth Knowing
A Study of the Glorious Person of Our God

This series is based on the premise that the concept of God in the Church today is in serious need of updating. Special emphasis is given to understanding how the proper knowledge of God is essential to healthy Christian living. Through careful biblical exposition, these messages seek to lead God’s people to a God-encounter—coming to terms with the glorious Person of God as revealed in Holy Scripture so that the knowledge of God becomes the sweetest thing on earth.

MP3 1: No Other Gods
Pastor Neil discusses why we need to know God, why He is worth knowing and how a hunger for God is developed.

MP3 2: Where Was God on 9:11?
Each year since Sept 11th,2001 our nation remembers the 9/11 tragedy. The question most asked after 9/11 was “Where was God on that fateful day?” Pastor Neil grapples with that question as he discusses the sovereignty of God. This remains a very timely message because saints and sinners alike continue to struggle when disasters arise; this message addresses these important questions.

MP3 3: The Triune God
Pastor Neil discusses the doctrine of the Trinity

MP3 4: The Holy One – Part 1: The Holiness of God
Pastor Neil discusses the holiness of God. God first calls us to an upward vision as He reveals His holiness to us.

MP3 5: The Holy One – Part 2: The Trauma of Holiness
Pastor Neil discusses how the upward vision of God’s holiness leads us to an inward vision seeing our uncleanness before God. In that place, God cleanses us which leads us to an outward vision of obedience to what He desires.

MP3 6: The Holy One – Part 3: Holiness and Grace
Pastor Neil talks about how the holiness of God is not a matter of keeping rules and regulations and is not an opportunity to reduce its standard. Rather, holiness is imparted to us and empowers us to live holy lives.

MP3 7: Show Me Your Glory!
Why every believer should seek to know His Glory.