Can These Bones Live? – Part 3

Can These Bones Live?

True and False Conversion

What is true conversion? What does the Bible teach about genuine evidence that a person has passed from death to life and entered God’s kingdom? In this series, Neil tackles this and other questions to shed light on the basis of what constitutes true biblical conversion. The purpose is twofold: first, to give assurance to those truly in Christ to know nothing shall separate them from the love of Christ; secondly, to encourage people to examine themselves in the light of Scripture as to know whether they are truly converted.

MP3 1: Why We Should Examine Ourselves
What constitutes true conversion? This teaching emphasizes the importance of examining our conversion experience.

MP3 2: Why We Must Be Born Again
Pastor Neil discusses why we need to be born again and what it means to be born again.

MP3 3: The Two Gates and The Two Ways
This centers on a discussion of The Two Gates and The Two Ways as discussed in in Matthew 7:13-14.

MP3 4: False Prophets
Pastor Neil discusses the dangers of false prophets, how to recognize them, and what should be done.

MP3 5: Professors and Possessors
Pastor Neil discusses difference between just professing to be a Christian and real possession of the life of Jesus. The danger is that of self-deception: thinking that because we are confessing the right things, we possess them.

MP3 6: True and False Foundations
Pastor Neil discusses the parables of the two builders: the contrast between these two men, the difference between how they built, and finally, the test which tests the foundation of everyone who professes to follow Jesus.

MP3 7: Change Is Now Possible
Pastor Neil discusses wonderful news! When we believe Jesus and are saved, change is not only necessary; it is now possible through the Gospel!